Why all natural products?

Nowadays there are thousands of potentially harmful chemicals in products – and one chemical can go by 6 different names. Some ingredients are even known to cause cancer. By striving to guarantee the highest level of safety we had chosen organic, natural, and sustainable products that work in harmony with our bodies.

Can this be used on the skin?

We recommend spraying items from 6 inches away, placing them on hanger and allowing for those to dry before wearing them.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. Wrinkle Free Refresher does not conduct, contract out, or fund studies on animals in the development, manufacturing, testing, or marketing of our products. Wrinkle Free Refresher supports the development and adoption of alternative, cruelty-free methods of safety testing.

How do I change or modify my order placed?

You can contact customer support through email: Support@purelywrinklefree.com